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About FM Traders

F. M. Traders, a renowned name in the sectors of pharmaceutical industries. It was established and registered in 2006 and started its business as a trading company representing foreign manufacturers and suppliers in the field of Pharmaceutical Machinery (Process & Packaging), Intermediates, Raw and Packaging Materials and Quality Control Equipments.

The Corporate office is located at Uttara in the city of Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh, and is equipped with most modern Office Equipments and Communication Facilities to keep in contact with its customers as well as maintain liaison with the Foreign Principals in various Countries of the World...Read more

Manufactures’ and Suppliers’ Representing:

F. M. Traders supply machinery and equipments from CSD Industries Pte Ltd, Singapore for various types of Laboratory Balances, Industrial Scales, Moisture Analyzers, Gold and Gem Balances. Filtration Systems for Laboratory, Microbiological and Process Separation and Solutions, Air Sampling equipments, Lab Water Systems through Significance Trade Co. Ltd., Taiwan. Airborne Particle Counters and air monitoring system Manufactured byLightHouse, U.S.A. Various types of machinery and equipments to produce tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ampoules, dry powder vials, powder for suspension, nasal sprays, eye drops, creams, ointments, lotions, gels, prefilled syringes, liquid filled hard and soft gelatin capsules, lyophilized injections, human vaccine, Packaging, etc. from F. D. Enterprise Corp. and Significance Trade Co. Ltd., Taiwan, Various types of Laboratory equipments from F. D. Enterprise Corp. and Significance Trade Co. Ltd., Taiwan. Autoclaves from Astell Scientific Ltd., UK. Laboratory test equipments from A.KRÜSS OptronicGmbH, Germany.